In the Sunday New York Times article, “War Robbed him of His Family, Then his eyes, Then his love,” ( examines Zaheer Zindani, an Afghan who at 17 years of age (Five years ago) whose eyes were reduced to cinders by a Taliban bomb. The reality of blindness, made him howl with grief, but another realization took his breath away, losing the love of his life. His childhood sweetheart’s relationship was difficult as the girl’s family did not see him as worthy, but now without eyes, out of the question. Mr. Zindani is one of the founders of a March for Peace that reached Kabul after a 40-day, 400-mile slog from the South, through the summer heat and war torn country. Zindani is illiterate but is a poet and would recite poems on the march, reminiscent and as dangerous as Martin Luther Kings de-segregation marches in the U.S. 1960’s. When he was 7, his father and uncle were preparing fields for second crop, they were hit by an American air-strike, leaving nothing, not even their blood. His sister was killed on a bus by a roadside bomb. Now here is a hero that hopefully will turn around Afghanistan’s perpetual war going back to the Russians invading in December 1979 or 39 years ago! His life is a tragedy of foreign intervention and still no end in sight, but Zindani has risen above his hunger for revenge to march protesting for peace. Hopefully Afghanistan’s population has tired of their religious civil war. Time to:
1. Admit the futility of foreign intervention in a foreign religions civil way,
2. Cut a deal with the Taliban to stay and kill their own people,
3. Get the U.S as far as possible from this sad country.