In the San Francisco Chronicle, June 1, 2018, World section, Syria article, “Assad tells U.S. to leave country; threatens attack,” ( Now, as a red blooded American, this headline must seem absurd, so lets just examine who are the parties. Syria, President Assad, a recognized despot dictator, a Shiite, backed by Iran and Russia. Assad is fighting the U.S. and Saudi Arabia backed Sunni rebels, who have lost vast territory to the Assad/Russia/Iran latest aggression. To add to this volatile mix, ISIS is radical Sunni group who captured large parts of Iraq and Syria and is under assault by U.S. backed Kurdish forces and Assad’s forces. Assad is threatening to attack the U.S. backed Kurds, who are fighting to secure rights to the ancient region known as Kurdistan, which was part of the old Ottoman Empire and a recognized ancient country. Time for:
1. The U.S. must pull out of the Middle East.
2. Steer clear of the Shiite vs Sunni conflict as a non-resolvable religious civil war in which we have no part or interest since the U.S. is now energy independent.