In the Sunday, New York Times article, International section, page 10, “Afghanistan’s National Security Chief is Left on the Sidelines in His Own War.” ( examines how the United States and Taliban are continuing to negotiate peace, without including the U.S. backed government, which the Taliban considers a puppet state, which it is. So, after 17 years of war, the U.S. is once again backing out of a conflict on the losing side, just like Vietnam 44 years ago. The current major negotiating point with the Taliban, not harboring foreign fighters with intentions to cause mayhem overseas. As of now, the U.S. backed government controls less than half of the country and this tiny country is the major supplier of heroin to the world. My bet is after the peace treaty is executed, the U.S. leaves, the Taliban, just like North Vietnamese 44 years ago, will dispose of the U.S. backed government and take over the country. My only hope is the Taliban will be satisfied with slaughtering their own people and leave our world alone. Doesn’t the United States ever learn that foreign intervention demands the public support of the country we are intervening in or don’t bother.  Vietnam cost 58,000 American lives and now they make our sneakers, what does that tell you.