In the Sunday, April 14th, New York Times (and San Francisco Chronicle International,section one paragraph) page 13, International section article: “Taliban Begin Offensive Despite Talks,” ( examines how the Taliban are beginning their spring offensive, while still participating in peace talks, only with the U.S. The Taliban are refusing to participate with the U.S. backed government in the peace process. What? Now followers of history will have to throw up, so head for the old commode, and be sure to lift the seat. Don’t want any ‘barf shrapnel’ messing up the bathroom for your significant other. Guess what will happen when the U.S. leaves after the peace agreement is signed and every person who did business with the old U.S. of A. will have to flee the country. Just like Vietnam’s U.S. collaborators 44 years ago. Is everyone ready for desperate people fleeing Afghanistan who worked with the U.S. crowding our embassy, fleeing in overloaded helicopters. At least South Vietnam had its own seat at the peace table, here is future bloodshed on an industrial scale just around the corner thinly veiled in seeking peace. Countries who fail to understand their diplomatic mistakes are bound to repeat their failed history. As a decorated U.S. combat officer in Vietnam, I feel for the last American soldier, angry that his life was on the line for just another botched foreign policy that U.S. soldiers are, once again, paying the bill in their blood. Having been a Vietnam vet, not only losing the Vietnam war, but being spit on by the general public for good measure, no more foreign wars of adventure.