In the San Francisco Chronicle, June 18th, 2018, World section, #2 article,” Afghanistan bombing,” ( examines how during the three-day religious holiday cease fire, between the U.S. backed Afghan forces and the Taliban (I blogged about last week), ISIS suicide bombers attacked the Taliban in Afghanistan’s city of Jalalabad, killing at least 19,wounding 60 people in one attack.  An earlier ISIS suicide bomber attack, also against the Taliban, also in Jalalabad, killing 36 and wounding 65.  I drew the analogy to the Tet Offensive in 1968 Vietnam between the U.S. backed forces and Viet Cong, where a religious holiday was a trick to take advantage of any relaxation in our forces for an attack over a holiday. Sure enough, even after all these years, an enemy offer of a religious cease-fire translates to: Double the Guard. What a mess, even the enemy is divided between ISIS and the Taliban vs. U.S. backed Afghan forces. Time to:

  1. Negotiate a peace with the Taliban
  2. Leave this war-torn country to sort out its own religions civil war problems.