In the Sunday, New York Times, January 27th 2019, front page, article: “Truce after 17 Years of Afghan War,” ( examines how after 17 years, the negotiation with the Taliban is bearing fruit. Happy to hear that my suggestion of years ago: cut a deal with the Taliban to not harbor religious fanatics who seek to injure those in other countries, and get out. The peace idea is just great, but during U.S. involvement, Afghanistan has become the number one distributor of heroin in the world. The U.S. backed government controls less than half the country, so the U.S. troops are doing nothing but supplying security to a bunch of drug dealers without giving the U.S. a cut. Since the U.S. has put in over 900 billion dollars to secure Afghanistan, wouldn’t it be nice if we requested our cut of the illegal heroin millions pouring into Afghan hands. Well, best idea, get out of this rolling mess and bring our boys home. Just like Vietnam, the naive foreign policy of the United States has created the number one supplier of heroin in the world leaving the bill to the U.S, C’est la vie.