In the San Francisco Chronicle, August 2, 2018, article: “Islamic State surrenders after rout by Taliban,” ( examines how the Taliban have routed ISIS in Northern Afghanistan. Last week, I blogged about the Taliban entered negotiations with a U.S. representative, something ISIS would never entertain. Could this be the door to finishing the 17 years occupation by U.S. forces, billion of dollars, thousands of American lives? Add in the Russian occupation of ten years and the Afghan conflict goes back almost 30 years. 30 years of inflicting ongoing war on a population living just out of the stone age and not a very civilized way to handle our foreign policy. Afghanistan, just as big waste as Vietnam where I was a decorated combat platoon leader. Time to:
1. Continue to negotiate with the Taliban.
2. Make clear to the U.S. supported Afghan government they need to get on board or face U.S. pulling out armed forces and monetary support.
3. Set a date for withdrawal of all U.S. military.