In the San Francisco Chronicle, March 24, 2018. Article, “14 killed in blast outside stadium,”( examines how a latest bombing killed 14 outside a sports stadium raising serious questions of how the 16 year U.S. Afghanistan war is going. In a BBC interview, with John W. Nicholson Jr., the general in charge of U.S. Afghan operations, opines that the Taliban and ISIS are losing ground to the 16 years of conflict as the population centers are under U.S. government control where most of the population lives. The U.S. forces control less than half the country which is sparsely populated, and the numerous bomb attacks are an indication that the Taliban and ISIS are desperate, losing control as most of the population supporting the U.S. position. Have to say, after fighting in Vietnam, have my doubts. Most important, Afghanistan is the number one supplier of heroin to the world and using this resource to purchase weapons. Yep, the world! Still holding to my opinion, time to:
1. Negotiate with the Taliban
2. Regain control of the areas lost to Taliban or ISIS.
3. Leave.