In the New York Times, International section, Page 12, article: “In a Recaptured District Gains for Afghan Troops,” ( examines the recapture of a district controlled by the Taliban. It is suggested that younger leaders are standing up against the Taliban.
So after over 17 years of war:
1. The U.S. backed government controls less than half the country,
2. Afghanistan is the number one producer of opium in the world,
3. The U.S. is engaged in negotiations directly with the Taliban, as the Taliban refuse to negotiate with our U.S. sponsored government.
Please tell me that someone else sees this debacle for the mess it is and write your congressperson to bring yet another losing war to an end. The entire situation is just like Vietnam where I was a decorated combat platoon leader on the Cambodian border with the 25th Infantry Division. Our 14,000 troops are only providing security for the opium trade. I’m tired of losing and being taking advantage of, how about you?