In the San Francisco Chronicle, July 17th, 2018, page A-3, article, “Militants accelerate attacks against state,” ( examines how the Taliban stormed a police check point in Afghanistan’s eastern Nangarhar province, killing 7 police officers. Earlier, a suicide bomber on foot attacked a Rural Development Ministry, killing 7, wounding 15. Last month, a suicide bomber at the same Rural ministry, killed 12, wounding 31. On Monday, a suicide bomber was shot and killed before detonation. Week long battles have been under way between Taliban and ISIS in Jawzjan province. Why is the United States sponsoring an Afghan puppet government not supported by the population 17 years into this war? If it smells like Vietnam, walks like Vietnam, quacks like Vietnam, it is Vietnam: yet another losing war. Time to:
1. Form an alliance with the Taliban against ISIS.
2. Instruct the U.S supported Afghan puppet government to either participate or step down.
3. Leave this religious civil war to the participants to sort out the winner and bring our boys home.