In the New York Times, Sunday, June 11, 2018, article, ‘Taliban Offer Brief Lull in Afghan War,” International section, page 12, ( examines the U.S. backed government calling an eight (8) day cease fire for a religious festival; the Taliban agreed to three (3) days. This Taliban offer was preceded by attacks killing 50-70 Afghan security forces in three provinces. Hopefully this lull in the conflict is the crack in the 17-year ongoing war, as the U.S. backed forces control the bulk of the population in the cities, but less than 50% of the countryside. Yep, 17 years and the U.S. still mired in the longest conflict we have ever engaged in, except for the 90% destruction of the native American Indians. Our Generals have argued the U.S. must wait out the Taliban insurrection, and maybe this is the first step. As for me, the last time an opposing party offered a religious a break in the conflict occurred in 1968, giving birth to the Tet Offensive in the Vietnam War, so I hope our forces remain vigilant, not forgetting that lesson. In 1968 Germany, as a new infantry 2nd lieutenant, the Tet Offensive killed or wounded so many lieutenants and Captains, the Army stripped these company grade officers from our European forces to reinforce our troops. If this glimmer of peace is legitimate, great, but if the U.S. cannot win a war in 17-years’ time to:
1. Pull all U.S. forces out of Afghanistan.
2. Negotiate with the Taliban as an equal political adversary.