In the San Francisco Chronicle, March 27, 2018, article, “Nation’s pilots to fly U.S. Black Hawks in combat,” ( examines how the 17-year U.S. involvement in Afghanistan now includes training Afghans to fly combat missions in U.S. Black Hawk helicopters. I agree with arming the Afghan’s against the Taliban and ISIS, just hope we avoid what happened in Vietnam in 1970’s. It was called “Vietnamization,” where the U.S. equipped and trained South Vietnamese to fight the North Vietnam forces. However, when put to the combat test, the South Vietnamese military fled resulting in the North Vietnam overrunning the entire country. Don’t have the answer as to what different approach would allow the Afghan’s to win back their country, however Afghanistan is the number one supplier of opium supplier to the world and all that drug money means the Taliban and ISIS continuing the civil war indefinitely. If our Afghan allies have the stomach for taking back their country, its OK by me, just tired of making the same Vietnam mistakes in Afghanistan.