In the San Francisco Chronicle, June 16, 2018, page one article, “Assisted-dying Law Reinstated,” examines how a group of doctors called the, “Life Legal Defense,” on a procedural objection dripping with self-interest ( persuaded a judge to issue a stay of enforcement, which the Fourth District Court of Appeal reversed. A freedom of choice win for the right to decide how you want to die. Everyone who has participated in their parents or relatives dying or final decline has commented to me how horrible and unbelievably expensive it is to watch their barely alive family member flounder on drugs that reduces them to zombies exploited for their Medicare, insurance, or exhausting family wealth, when any quality of life has long gone. My first wife’s mother was one of the meanest women I have ever met. She had lived through the Great Depression and squeezed every bit of copper from every penny. I had a running bet with my wife at the time that she could not go home to visit her mother without getting into an argument within the first five minutes. Over a 25 year period, I never lost my bet. She languished from 1995 to 2005 and exhausted every penny she fought so hard to keep. If she knew we had spent all her money on her in decline with Alzheimer’s that was  so profound she could not recognize family, and bedridden, she would have shot the whole lot of us. As an attorney, and in my own family, I have been fully engaged and watched sophisticated medical procedures wasted on those who just want to leave this earth under their own steam and avoid depleting their families’ precious wealth used better for schooling or business or just to keep the family going. As a combat platoon leader in Vietnam, death is an old acquaintance, and we all die sometime, just a matter of when. If you understand your world, you will not be afraid to leave it on your own terms rather than have your death bequest an expensive burden to your family.