Review of “My 365 Days With the Wolfhounds in Vietnam 1968-1969”

I was assigned to 2nd Platoon in August of 1969 just as the author, Staff Sergeant John Quintrell, was rotating home. His book: “My 365 days with the Wolfhounds in Vietnam, 1968-1969,” ( is a chillingly accurate description of the life of an infantry soldier in Vietnam during that era. He captures the sucking insects: [...]

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New Years Movie for PTSD

Just watched the movie; Thousand Yard Stare on Prime Video. In the picture, the protagonist using writing about his horrific WWII experiences as a vehicle to deal with his PTSD. Very well done and for all those who suffer from this malady, a way to cope. Check it out as my novel was a means [...]

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Ode to David Geiser

During one’s life you meet many memorable characters, one just passed last night. His name was David Geiser and he led the life he wanted. We were freshman at University of Vermont in 1965-66. As my act of insanity, I hosted a bourbon filled G.I. Joe children’s coloring book party, quit school and joined the [...]

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Registered Curse Screenplay

Just registered my 2nd screenplay adaption of my novel Curse of the Coloring Book with the Writers Guild.  This adaption uses my protagonist's attorney's guilty conscience over a failed promise to res-erect a fallen soldier as a wisecracking parrot who heckles him in correcting his malpractice mistake. Pitched this idea at the August Pitch Fest [...]

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Hollywood Pitch Festial 5.20

Attended the Online Hollywood Pitch Festival over the last weekend. Had my doubts on virtual pitching but found my fears allayed with the ability to connect with the interviewer and more time than the in-person limits of 6 minutes. Excellent array of Hollywood producers. Pitching is an art form which takes time and patience, so [...]

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Middle East: No plan, Time to Leave

The Happy New Year was greeted by a U.S. missile strike which killed an Iranian and Iraqi Generals in Iraq. This could be a game changer from spy vs spy to outright war. Let’s review U.S. failed strategy after the “Arab Spring.” Tunisia: the only country that initiated democracy and is hanging on by a [...]

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Trump Reversing Military Court-martial Bad Idea

In the Sunday New York Times, November 24, 2019, front page article: “Top Navy Leaders Standing Ground Over Seal’s Case,” ( examines the court-martial of a Navy Seal acquitted of shooting civilians, murdering a captive Islamic State fighter with a hunting knife, but convicted of posing with a dead Islamic fighter. Trump has indicated he [...]

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Time to Stop Endless Wars or Add Social Change to Military’s Goals

In the New York Times, Sunday National, page 22, article: “Endless Wars Gripe Resounds for Those Who Fought Them,” ( examines how those who went to revenge the September 11th World Trade Center attack are disillusioned by the lack of progress in Iraq and Afghanistan after 18 years, billions of dollars and thousands of [...]

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Save the Iraqis Who Collaborated with U.S. Forces

In the New York Times, Sunday Edition, 11/3/19, article, “Trump Crimps Escape Path for Iraqis Who Helped Troops in War,” ( examines how an estimated 110,000 Iraqis are waiting approval for applications for visa’s based on their wartime assistance to the U.S. Assisting the U.S equaled collaboration with the enemy and death from either: Sunni/ [...]

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Save the Kurds that Helped U.S. Forces From Death Sentence

In the New York Times, Sunday, October 14, 2019, article: "Syrian Arab Fighters Backed by Turkey kill two Kurds," (( examines how Turkish backed Syrian Arab fighters killed at least two Kurdish prisoners Saturday, one lying on the ground, his hands bound behind his back; it’s easier that way. The southern attack by Assad’s Russian [...]

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