Hip Replacement on Track on 12th Day

Went to VA Palo Alto Medical Center (VA-PAHCS) for hip replacement surgery on September 1, 2019. As of October 12, I am able to walk slowly without a crutch, WOW! One of the best hospital’s I have ever been associated with. Standards of medical orthopedic professionalism, cleanliness and respect for the patient unusual in the [...]

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Vietnam Documentary 1969, Firebase Jackson

Documentary on 1969 Vietnam features: Firebase Jackson, my Alma mater, with Company "C," 2nd of the 27th Infantry, 25th Infantry Division. The link is: : https://youtu.be/o1vmmGUapPc. The items in the documentary I remember most: 1. leaches. 2. rice paddy mud. 3. rats; are all featured in the novel, with other fun items. All these lovely attractions [...]

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Hollywood Pitch Fest

Jen and I, with my brother Tom ventured into Hollywood for the 23rd Hollywood Pitch Fest. Over 2 days we pitched my screenplay adaption of  my novel: "Curse of the Coloring Book, a novel." If buying on Amazon, be sure and and type in 'Curse of the Coloring Book', a novel or you'll end up [...]

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Women of the World Unite for Afghan Women’s Rights

In the New York Times, Sunday edition, July 14, 2019, page 6, International section, article: “Women Fear Return of Taliban, and Old Ways,” (https://www.pressreader.com/) examines how the peace talks between the U. S. and Taliban are reaching an accord, even though the Taliban have refused to include the current U.S. supported government, which it considers [...]

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Tanks are Critical to Winning Guerrilla War

In the New York Times article on Sunday, July 7, 2019, “Why President Trump Likes Tanks,” (https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/04/opinion/trump-tanks.html) the author is an ex-soldier, most likely a combat engineer, without combat experience. I disagree with his opinion that tanks are a vestige of the past and find such an opinion naïve to the extreme. I was a [...]

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Review of Curse of the Coloring Book, a Novel

Everyday life and war experiences fit together about as well as guns and poetry—a combination that author Howard L Hibbard makes feel almost natural in his Vietnam War novel, the Curse of the Coloring Book. The truth of real experience is neither picture-book enticement nor text-book knowledge but somewhere in between—somewhere the author has clearly [...]

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Afghanistan Mess Marches On, A Call to Arms

In the New York Times, International section, Page 12, article: “In a Recaptured District Gains for Afghan Troops,” (https://www.nytimes.com/topic/destination/afghanistan) examines the recapture of a district controlled by the Taliban. It is suggested that younger leaders are standing up against the Taliban. So after over 17 years of war: 1. The U.S. backed government controls less [...]

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Best of radio interviews, Curse of the Coloring Book

The link to one of my best,short,  radio interviews is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghs6kzLo0MQ. Check it out. And be sure to check out the Amazon reviews and pick up a copy of "Curse of the Coloring Book" for a fast summer read. If you have any comments or what could be an improvement, leave a comment.

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Suicide, Inadequate Tools for a Complex Social Problem

In last Sunday’s New York Times, page 7, article: “The Empty Promises of Suicide Prevention,” (https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/26/opinion/sunday/suicide-prevention.html) via howardlhibbard.com. examines the conundrum of suicide. The range of emotions triggering a suicide span from those planning the event for years to those who act impulsively. My brother, who was sexually molested by my stepfather, planned his suicide [...]

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Looking for a Differant Summer Read

Check out this review from Amazon if you are looking for a different summer novel: Howard L. Hibbard, a Viet Nam combat veteran has chosen to relive his experiences through the eyes of his fictional protagonist, Herald Lloyd, in “Curse of the Coloring Book – A Novel Inspired by a True Story.” Hibbard masterfully incorporates [...]

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