Polly Pic with jen &IWild book dinner party with Polly Taylor as the: “Hostess with the Most-est,”  at her home with eleven of her best friends.  In my capacity as Chef PTSD, prepared Eggplant Parmesan (using sharp cheddar cheese as secret ingredient, no Parmesan), recipe on my website: Howardlhibbard.com/Chef PTSD recipes. Very lively conversation about my novel, “Curse of the Coloring Book,” A story about an Vietnam Veteran attorney fighting a possible malpractice mistake while suffering PTSD war flashbacks as a decorated combat platoon leader. Interesting to contrast my  experiences with Polly’s friends, who all lived through WWII and Korea. To start the party with a BANG, a main water line cracked in Polly’s driveway, sending who knows how much water into the neighborhood, without casualties, failed to dampen the event, but created suspense since there was no running water in the house to clean anything after dinner. Yep, bathrooms too, no water. Everyone knows the eggplant tomato sauce, left to stand on her fine china, would become permanently cemented  if not rinsed off immediately.  Luckily the Water Department gave a case of bottled water to prevent china plate disaster and all was well.