Curse of the Coloring Book – Inspired by a true story
by Howard L. Hibbard

When Herald Lloyd, an attorney and family man, learns he’s been cursed with a catastrophic legal malpractice lawsuit, his recurring Vietnam War nightmares flood his daytime consciousness, and he medicates his post-traumatic stress with alcohol.

He was reckless to quit college to join the Army, buy a GI Joe Coloring Book and half-gallon of whiskey, to mock the war with his fraternity brothers for a drunken send-off. Vietnam hurls Herald into becoming a decorated combat platoon leader, commanding stressed oddballs and misfits like Dogman, who walks point and only barks to communicate. Now he must fight again, this time to save his client, law practice and family.

Was the coloring book cursed?

Herald’s adventures are a bittersweet blend of humor and tenderness, set in the stark brutality of war and courtroom drama. It’s about facing fear. Buy now at Amazon or at your favorite bookstore.

The Revenge of the Coloring Book – Sequel to Curse of the Coloring Book by Howard L. Hibbard

Revenge of the Coloring Book - A Sequal to Curse of the Coloring Book by Howard L. HibbardThe hearing is over but the battle has just begun. Herald Lloyd returns again to face a new challenge as he continues to struggle with the demons that haunt him.

The Family Reunion Cookbook

The focus of this recipe book is to provide tried and true recipes that are crowd pleasers to the young and older family members alike, and can be easily adapted to serve a small party of four or expanded to thirty four+.