Documentary on my Combat Unit in Vietnam War

The leader of my combat platoon reunion committee found a Vietnam documentary about Firebase Jackson, one of my former slum housing bunker, described in my novel, “Curse of the Coloring Book.” Be sure and enter “Curse of the Coloring Book,” a novel or you will turn up adult cursing coloring books! You will love the [...]

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Proposal to Privatize Veterans Administration Flawed

In the Sunday front page article, “V.A. To Propose Shifting Billions into Private Care,” ( is an attempt to privatize veterans care in areas not fully served by the VA. At first glimpse, allowing private physicians to see veterans, where they are under-served, is an easy fix. For injuries that are purely physical in nature, [...]

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Winter Reading Special w/Documentary Link

  Want an intriguing novel to wile away the hours on a snowy day? Try, Doctor recommended, "Curse of the Coloring Book," a novel. Check out the reviews on Amazon. Be sure and enter the word; novel, or you will be directed to adult cursing coloring books. BONUS: The only film of Firebase Jackson in [...]

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Tragic Article about Afghanistan’s 17 year war.

In the New York Times Magazine section, page 29, Sunday, August 12, 2018, article: “War without End,” examines the demoralization of 17 years of war on U.S. combat soldiers objecting to the length of the conflict and how it is being fought ( The most haunting picture is of a U.S. soldier on patrol the [...]

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Take a “Curse,” for Summer Vacation Read

The following is an Amazon review: "So many of us, as we finished college undisturbed by service in the military, could not get our high school friends to talk about their experiences in Vietnam. Instead, they suffered alone, giving us only a glimpse of the personal story of war, or maybe their shrapnel wounds. Neither [...]

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Afghanistan: Good News!

In the San Francisco Chronicle, August 2, 2018, article: “Islamic State surrenders after rout by Taliban,” ( examines how the Taliban have routed ISIS in Northern Afghanistan. Last week, I blogged about the Taliban entered negotiations with a U.S. representative, something ISIS would never entertain. Could this be the door to finishing the 17 years [...]

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Afghanistan, Time to Go or Negotiate?

In the New York Times, July 29, 2018 article: “New Tactic in Afghanistan Urges Retreat,” ( examines U.S armed forces being centralized in the heaviest population centers, the cities. The purpose is to protect military forces from attacks at isolated and vulnerable outposts, focusing on protecting cities and other populated areas. Does anyone remember Vietnam, [...]

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Need a Vacation Novel, this, “Curse,” is for you.

Need a fast page turner for vacation, this is it. The following quotes an Amazon review of my novel, "Curse of the Coloring Book: "This book is a page-turner that reads like suspenseful fiction--but in the end it informs the reader about the true nature of war and the realities of being a soldier that [...]

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Trump Making Democrats Stupid Crazy

The most striking casualty of the Trump/Republicans vs. Democrat political war is the Democrats failure to acknowledge when Trump has a valid point. Cases in point: 1. Iran. In the San Francisco Chronicle article, Wednesday, July 25, 2018, Defense secretary backs Trump’s tough talk on Iran ( tone-13101321.php?cmpid=gsa-sfgate-result) examines how Shiite Iran has been backing [...]

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20 Veteran Suicides a Day, Discharge Training

A 2016 Veterans Administration found that 20 veterans a day commit suicide. That is 600 people a month and 7,200 people a year, or a small town. This tragedy needs to be addressed and skills learned in the military applied to civilian uses. Basic Training and Advanced Infantry training cost the taxpayer $73,000. This is [...]

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