Simmer Chicken BreastsThis is a ‘one pan Stan’ recipe and if you cannot make this, time to leave the kitchen in shame.
Serves 2
2 chicken breasts, de-boned, or breasts from pre-cooked rotisserie chicken
1 Simmer Sauce (Butter Chicken) (Safeway Signature Simmer Sauce,
1 tablespoon butter
Place the de-boned raw chicken breast in ½ cup lemon juice, ½ cup dry sherry or white wine) to marinate for at least 20 minutes. Remove and melt butter in sauté pan, cook both chicken breasts on both sides until are light brown, but not fully cooked. Remove the chicken breasts from marinade and slice into large pieces, placing them back in the pan. If pre-cooked or rotisserie chicken, de-bone, slice into large pieces. Add Safeway Signature Select, Simmer sauce, Butter Chicken to chicken, bring to a low boil, set stove top to Low, cover and let simmer for 10 minutes, Viola!