Salsa Onion TurkeyDo you love ‘hot’ salsa and sauté onions? This is easy and has wild flavors, actually this salsa tastes too hot for me so any favorite salsa will do.
1-pound ground Turkey
1 16 oz Chipotle salsa, (Medium heat) ( or Any good Medium Heat salsa that you like
2 medium sized yellow onions, peeled and half’s sliced into half moons.
2 cups dry sherry (Fairbanks)
3 tablespoons butter
Add butter to large frying pan, let better melt, remembering the volume of melted better alone. Add sherry and boil out all the water in the sherry, cook top on high, or when the mixture is just above the volume of the melted butter alone and is boiling. Add onions and sauté until tips are golden brown, stirring often. Place onions in separate bowl, add two tablespoons of sesame seed oil and 3 tablespoons crushed garlic. Heat until starts to smoke, add garlic and let cook until brown, add turkey and fully cook. Drain any fat and add salsa. Stir thoroughly, reduce heat and let sit covered for 10 minutes, Serve over pasta or mashed potatoes, or rice for extra calories. WOW!