If you have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or find yourself at ends with your emotions following a traumatic experience, this book is an assortment of very short essays (Promise 2-3 pages) describing the symptoms and possible remedies for your dilemma. PTSD never goes away and will haunt you if you try to hide from it as I did since returning from Vietnam as a decorated combat platoon leader in 1970. Whether it is war, rape, tragic accident, family oppression, or an unknown emotional susceptibility, PTSD is very real and very deadly if not dealt with. In my case, PTSD started to shorten my attention span causing me to stop my law practice of 39 years, so:
If you have suffered from a traumatic incident,
1. Check with your doctor for a referral or
2. Call your Crisis Hot Line in your region.

Deal with PTSD now or suffer until it kills you.