Went to VA Palo Alto Medical Center (VA-PAHCS) for hip replacement surgery on September 1, 2019. As of October 12, I am able to walk slowly without a crutch, WOW! One of the best hospital’s I have ever been associated with. Standards of medical orthopedic professionalism, cleanliness and respect for the patient unusual in the health care field. At least this VA hospital is above standard. One thing for sure, last week will live in my mind as the week of “Ouch.” Now on the mend, building strength, but it will be a bumpy road for a bit. Had to bow to the Osteoarthritis in my right hip after years of denial. If it hurts, have your complaint checked out rather than give it the old military push through the pain. Just not necessary and when you look back, kind of feel dumb did not pursue this earlier. Broke my leg skiing in 1963 at Prep School at Vermont Academy. The doctor did a great job setting my leg, but being the idiot I am, had to push my luck and fell down a flight of stairs trying to prove a broken leg no big deal. Have to live with a slight tilt to the right to editing “Revenge of the Coloring Book,” possibly for next year.