Jen and I, with my brother Tom ventured into Hollywood for the 23rd Hollywood Pitch Fest. Over 2 days we pitched my screenplay adaption of  my novel: “Curse of the Coloring Book, a novel.” If buying on Amazon, be sure and and type in ‘Curse of the Coloring Book’, a novel or you’ll end up in a wide selection of: ‘cursing coloring books.’ We pitched to 25 different agents, producers, etc for a movie or TV. Long shot, but you never know. Tom pitched 2 of his screenplays and not only was it fun, but we all agreed the immediate feedback from face to face pitching to film people is worth every penny. So if you have an idea for a screenplay, check this out. Yep, a real shot in the dark, but you never know about your ideas until you field them to people in the industry. The Loews Hotel chaired the event and was very nice. Hollywood has cleaned up a lot since the 1970’s. Had dinner at, “El Cholo.” a famous Mexican restaurant where I hung out taking ‘margarita excess’ at Southwestern Law School. Finished up with an enjoyable dinner with an old college friend in Malibu, David Franzoni and his wife, Nancy. David won a screenwriter Oscar for the movie: Gladiator; surprised he let this rank amateur  in his house. Drove from San Francisco to LA down on Route 101, to Route 152,  Interstate 5 and back on highway 101. Forgot how beautiful this state is, this drive alone was worth it.