In the San Francisco Chronicle, July 7, 2018, article: “Army quietly discharges recruits who had hoped to win citizenship,” ( examines immigrant U.S. Army Reservists and recruits who enlisted in the military with a promised path to U.S. citizenship who are being discharged leaving their status questionable. The Army has failed to explain why some service members were not told why they were being discharged. Others were told they had been labeled as a security risk as they had relatives abroad. Eligible recruits are required to have legal status in the U.S., such as a student visa before enlisting. More than 5000 immigrants were recruited on the program in 2016 and 10,000 serving. To become citizens the service members, need an honorable discharge. But training was delayed for the recently discharged service members, so they can’t be naturalized. What has happened to our military in failing to full fill promises of citizenship where the the prospective citizen has placed his life on the line in the armed forces rather than just have been born in the USA. As a Vietnam veteran, we were exposed to popular unrest as “baby killers” rather than hero’s.

Time to:
1. Investigate what is going on with recruits being discharged.
2. Full fill our immigrant veteran promises.

3. Contact your congressperson to investigate.