In the San Francisco Chronicle, Sunday, April 22, 2019, World section, page A-4, article: “Dozens killed in militant attacks,” ( examines how ISIS/al Qaeda has mounted attacks on Syrian Government forces killing nearly 50 soldiers. To put this in perspective, Iraq’s Saddam Hussein was a Moslem Sunni and exploited the Iraq Shiite Moslem’s for many years. When the United States forced Saddam out of power, it placed a Shiite in control, without any protections for the Sunni‚Äôs now being exploited, in turn, by Shiites. It was the United State failure to protect Sunni Moslem’s legal rights that gave rise to ISIS. Now, Sunni ISIS has been forced back into guerrilla warfare against Shiites, with the destruction of their caliphate. The key is no insurgency can exist without support of the local population. Until the Sunnis feel they are protected by the rule of law from exploitation by Shiites, the Sunni population will continue to house and support ISIS. So now the U.S. is faced with the task of restoring law and order between Shiite and Sunnis or face ongoing civil wars for eternity in not just Syria, but Iraq as well. My choice is to let these religious forces sort it out, without U.S. aid, as they have for history. No matter what our intentions, the U.S. are considered infidels, so both the Shiites and Sunnis will not trust us. Time to go.