In the San Francisco Chronicle, March 29, 2018 article: “Islamic State rises again months after its defeat,” ( examines how the Islamic State (ISIS) has re-surfaced as a guerrilla war in northern Iraq. ISIS (Sunni) originally rose after the fall of Saddam Hussein who was a Sunni and exploited the Southern Iraq Shiites. After Saddam’s was removed from power, the Shiites exploited the Sunnis and ISIS was born to protect Sunni civil rights. Many of my blogs, have predicted the second rise of ISIS, if the Shiites fail to introduce the rule of law to protect Sunni rights. Well, here they are. Time to:
1. Post sufficient military forces to control ISIS to deny them operating space.
2. Insist that U.S. foreign aid carry a component for establishing judges and laws to protect the Sunnis.