In the San Francisco Chronicle, April 1, 2018, article, page A-4, “Armed forces of U.S., Turkey face off across tense front line,” ( examines U.S. backed Kurdish fighters facing the armed forces of Turkey in a tense stand-off. To put this in perspective, Kurdistan was a recognized region of the old Ottoman Empire, like Texas to the U.S. After WWI, British and France divided up the empire into Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria among other nations we know today. When ISIS rose up, the Kurds allied with the U.S. were the only force to stand up against ISIS. Sadly, the Kurds and Turkey have engaged in an active civil war for decades. Now President Assad of Syria, allied with Iran and Russia, is forcing the U.S. and Saudi Arabia rebels out of Syria and both Assad and Turkey want the Kurds under control. I have blogged about this several times as the this could be the next powder keg of the Middle East. My suggestion:
1. Deescalate the tension by creating a safe zone between the parties.
2. Have the Kurds return to northern Iraq.
3. Pressure Turkey to create an autonomous region for the Kurds living there now.
4. The U.S must take the lead as the Kurds and rebal Syrians are U.S. allies, to abandon them would send a message that the U.S. cannot be a trusted ally.