The Happy New Year was greeted by a U.S. missile strike which killed an Iranian and Iraqi Generals in Iraq. This could be a game changer from spy vs spy to outright war. Let’s review U.S. failed strategy after the “Arab Spring.”
Tunisia: the only country that initiated democracy and is hanging on by a thread. Libya: The rebel’s control over 3/4ths of the country and forced the U.S. backed government to the city of Tripoli, Turkey is sending troops to help. How long they hold out is uncertain. Iraq: Over 300 people killed in the last week, our embassy is destroyed, the country is in religious civil war between the Shiites and Sunnis, with the Kurds in limbo. Syria: Russian and Iranian backed President Assad Shiites has conquered the U.S. Saudi backed Sunni rebels in a war of elimination destroying entire cities infrastructure. Egypt: The country is in political shambles with no clear road ahead. Lebanon: Still in recovery after years of civil war. Yemen: U.S and Saudi backed Sunni rebels fighting Iranian Shiites with no end in sight. Seems the oil independent U.S. should invest in South America business infrastructure to provide economic opportunity to those fleeing their countries to the U.S. border.
If we don’t have a real middle east plan, time to leave. As Rudyard Kipling said in the 1800’s: “East is east and West is West and never the twain shall meet has proved true again. Time to go and let them work it out.