Need a fast page turner for vacation, this is it. The following quotes an Amazon review of my novel, “Curse of the Coloring Book: “This book is a page-turner that reads like suspenseful fiction–but in the end it informs the reader about the true nature of war and the realities of being a soldier that is enriching and enduring. It would make a great film with its detailed depiction of Vietnam in the 60’s–a world far away from the safe and predictable patterns of mainstream America. It reveals exotic, raw, momentous but usually humane patterns of life during wartime and the toll it all takes on everyone involved. Curse of the Coloring Book is action-packed and entertaining at the same time that it’s impactful and important. Thanks to Howard Hibbard for his service and for his honest depiction of it.” My reviews are 4.8 out of 5 stars.¬†When searching for the book, use the title and the word: “novel,” or you will wind up with “cursing” coloring books. Enjoy!