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Howard L. Hibbard author at radio interview - Newell Normand Show, WWL in New Orleans, LA on November 3, 2017

Howard has been heard on over 550 stations during his top-market 18 interview radio campaign, (27 interviews in total), featured on major media brands such as CBS Radio, FOX News Radio, Westwood One, iHeart Media among others! Not to mention top National Hosts including Gordon Deal and Lars Larson.

New Orleans, LA, Nov 3, 2017 – Newell Normand, WWL AM 870/FM 105.3 – Listen to Howard as guest on the Newell Normand Show

April, 2018 Meet the PTSD Chef
“Vietnam vet Howard L. Hibbard finds healing through cooking and writing. For Howard L. Hibbard, the act of cooking each day is about much more than creating a delicious meal. It is an act of grounding that helps this Vietnam veteran manage his PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) which was formally diagnosed in 2011.”
January, 2017 Midwest Book Review, Reviewer’s Book Watch
“Curse of the Coloring Book” by Howard L. Hibbard is an inherently fascinating and entertaining read from beginning to end, and one that clearly reveals the author’s genuine flair as a novelist for original and narrative driven storytelling. “Curse of the Coloring Book” is an especially recommended addition to community library General Fiction collections.”
 December 8, 2017  Review of Curse of the Coloring Book
  In the book Curse of the Coloring Book: A Novel Inspired by a True Story, Howard Lloyd recklessly quit college during his sophomore year and enlisted in the army. He bought half a gallon of bourbon and a GI Joe Coloring Book … obviously haven’t served in the Vietnam war. However, from reading this book, I feel that Hibbard accurately portrays what it was like for the soldiers there.
 December 3, 2017  Review of “Curse of the Coloring Book”
  Not often have I reviewed books written by others. The Curse of the Coloring Book brought back memories of military service and the sacrifice of others many of us have placed in the back of our minds. This story re-awoke the memories of those we lost and the families that never really got to know their the sons who died before their time.
 November 20, 2017  The truth and evolution of post traumatic shock syndrome
  Howard Hibbard joins Jim Blasingame to share his story of military service, how he became a victim of PTSD, how it impacted his life and what he’s doing for others with this condition.
 November 20, 2017  20 Vets a Day
  Howard Hibbard joins Jim Blasingame to report on his new “20 Vets a Day” program that focuses on helping combat vets leave the military in a more positively-adjusted way, instead of just being dropped off on the corner.
 November 3, 2017  How do we show respect & gratitude to America’s veterans?
  Howard L. Hibbard is guest on the Newell Normand radio show, segment: How do we show respect & gratitude to America’s veterans? This hour we have Howard Hibbert army veteran and bronze star recipient and an author. Of a book the curse curse of the coloring book. And talking about you know often times seen over the past several weeks especially with the NFL controversy with. We hear a lot about what we think veterans.