In the New York Times, Sunday Edition, 11/3/19, article, “Trump Crimps Escape Path for Iraqis Who Helped Troops in War,” ( examines how an estimated 110,000 Iraqis are waiting approval for applications for visa’s based on their wartime assistance to the U.S. Assisting the U.S equaled collaboration with the enemy and death from either: Sunni/ ISIS insurgents, Shiite militias, anyone else with a grudge against the U.S. My last blog addressed how Trump abandoned the Kurds who were instrumental against fighting ISIS. Now we are abandoning other allies and setting a trend that the U.S. will not fulfill its promises to those who help U.S. forces. When the U.S. calls for help in the future, how can we expect the population to risk helping unless we hold to our promises. Not fulfilling our pledges is an insult, as a combat platoon leader in Vietnam, thought never to see until witnessing the chaos of leaving Vietnam in 1975 abandoning our South Vietnamese allies to a sad fate. Time to call your congressperson and raise some objections to consigning the U.S. to the history of deceit.