In the New York Times, Sunday, October 14, 2019, article: “Syrian Arab Fighters Backed by Turkey kill two Kurds,” (( examines how Turkish backed Syrian Arab fighters killed at least two Kurdish prisoners Saturday, one lying on the ground, his hands bound behind his back; it’s easier that way. The southern attack by Assad’s Russian backed Syrian army on one side and northern push by Turkish Army on the other will be an epic Kurd bloodbath. Yep, not the first time the U.S. bailed on an ally. The U.S. caused the same loss of life in Vietnam by not saving those Vietnamese who worked with U.S. forces during the Vietnam War 1959-1975. So here we are again, abandoning an ally who, in this case was instrumental in the defeat of ISIS. Please tell your congressperson to vote to bring home those who assisted the U.S. forces, or no one will ever ally themselves with a country who fails to follow up protecting their allies when their side loses.