In last Sunday’s New York Times, page 7, article: “The Empty

Promises of Suicide Prevention,”
( via examines the conundrum of suicide. The range of emotions triggering a suicide span from those planning the event for years to those who act impulsively. My brother, who was sexually molested by my stepfather, planned his suicide in detail to have his large life insurance policy no-contest period expire before he killed himself. His tragedy and the effect on his children and our family will be the subject of my third novel, “Everything including the Kitchen Sink,” as a future project.
The article concludes our society must root out causes of suicide: poverty, homelessness, accompanying exposure to trauma (PTSD), crime, drugs. For military veterans, over 20 kill themselves every day; not good advertising for an all-volunteer military. Limiting access to lethal weapons and drugs is important but recognizing symptoms of potential suicide victims is the key and where the medical profession and families could potentially avert wondering what they did wrong after the smoke clears and tears dry.