The following is an Amazon review:
“So many of us, as we finished college undisturbed by service in the military, could not get our high school friends to talk about their experiences in Vietnam. Instead, they suffered alone, giving us only a glimpse of the personal story of war, or maybe their shrapnel wounds. Neither wound was described as anything other than minor. But, this “novel” makes it all so real, in descriptions of fear and fellowship, that one is transported back and in the field with them. We are also transported back in time, to our youth, when it was entirely understandable that “Herald” would volunteer. Like the young college student who ran like hell after the ambush, the glory of war became a grizzly reality. Herald’s journey through the rigors of guerilla warfare, made him a leader, and a smart one at that. This is a terrific read, and timely. I went from feeling the fear of patrol to laughing out loud at the boys and their play to distract them from where they were. It is a prequel to Ken Burns’ upcoming series on Vietnam, so read this first!” Need a vacation read, try on “Curse” for a ride.