In the New York Times article on Sunday, July 7, 2019, “Why President Trump Likes Tanks,” ( the author is an ex-soldier, most likely a combat engineer, without combat experience. I disagree with his opinion that tanks are a vestige of the past and find such an opinion naïve to the extreme. I was a combat platoon leader in Vietnam and would have appreciated having mobile tank fire support to suppress guerrilla warfare tactics of surprise ambush or roadside bomb. Only someone who has never been in a gun fight would conclude that the M-1 Abrams was a sideline show to ‘wow’ the natives. The reason why Trump likes tanks is that they command respect. Only a fool would go up against the mobility and combined firepower of a: 120 mm cannon, 30 cal. co-axil machine gun, fifty caliber machine gun and M-60 machine gun to provide the overwhelming covering fire, changing any ambush advantage, to allow for: “fire and maneuver,” of infantry. Having overwhelming firepower is the best deterrent to guerrilla tactics and unlike the tanks of my age, (the M-60 main battle tank was vulnerable to WWII rocket propelled, shaped charge, grenades with its old concept of steel armor) the M-1 Abrams armor is impervious to such technology. So my opinion tanks are the defining deterrent in guerrilla warfare giving our infantry the force multiplier firepower advantage they need. If you want examples of Vietnam infantry without tanks in combat, check out my novel, ‘Curse of the Coloring Book,” available on Amazon. Be sure and add, Curse of the Coloring Book, a novel or you will get cursing coloring books. Enjoy.