In the New York Times Magazine section, page 29, Sunday, August 12, 2018, article: “War without End,” examines the demoralization of 17 years of war on U.S. combat soldiers objecting to the length of the conflict and how it is being fought ( The most haunting picture is of a U.S. soldier on patrol the very day he was killed in a Taliban ambush. If you click on the above hyperlink, the pictures and story will break your heart. I was a decorated combat platoon leader in Vietnam in 1969-1970 with the Wolfhounds on the Cambodian border when Nixon started drawing down U.S. troops. No one wants to be killed in a losing war creating a devastating effect on morale necessary to engage in armed conflict. If you are going into a kill or be killed situation, its not asking to much for soldiers to believe in the war’s goals.
Time to:
1. Cut a deal with the Taliban.
2. Rein in the U.S. puppet government.
2. Pull U.S. troops out.