In the New York Times, Sunday edition, July 14, 2019, page 6, International section, article: “Women Fear Return of Taliban, and Old Ways,” ( examines how the peace talks between the U. S. and Taliban are reaching an accord, even though the Taliban have refused to include the current U.S. supported government, which it considers a puppet regime controlling less than half of Afghanistan. That’s right, our side controls less than half of the country after 17 years  of war.  Afghan women are not just second-hand citizens, but, property of their male counterparts. Yep, not people just property. To give a real example of this regression we need look no further than the impact of the Russians after invading Afghanistan in 1979. The Russians enforced women’s rights, but after they were forced out by the Taliban in 1989, there were severe repercussions and repression of women. In the current peace negotiations, when pressed about women’s rights, the Taliban are evasive and non-response. Looks like Vietnam all over again after we leave and the Taliban have a bad habit of repressive measures which will compel the U.S. to, once Vietnam again, provide a haven for those who collaborated with the U.S. in yet another misadventure. Women of the world, unite; this is your call to arms to contact your congressperson to support for Afghan women’s rights.